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With a simple, at-home fingerprick blood test. No lab visits, no needles, no fuss.


Blood Testing Services

Do you know your average blood sugar level? Check for and monitor diabetes from home with the MyHealthTest HbA1c Diabetes Test Service.


Are you concerned about prostate problems? MyHealthTest will soon offer a quick and easy fingerprick blood test to check your PSA levels.


Need to keep on top of your cholesterol levels? MyHealthTest will soon offer a quick and easy way to check your cholesterol from home and help you track your levels over time.


Recent News

8 Aug 2017

MyHealthTest Launches New Online Segment My Health - My Story

MyHealthTest is excited to announce the launch of our new online segment My Health - My Story. My Health - My Story will allow people living with chronic conditions to share their personal experience and story to help raise awareness. Our first story is told by Adrian, who is living with Type 2 Diabetes, watch his story HERE

19 July 2017

The MyHealthTest Home HbA1c Test for diabetes is featured in the Huffington Post Australia

General Manager of MyHealthTest, Nick Cerneaz, was recently interviewed for an article in the Huffington Post Australia, looking at the benefits of our at-home fingerpick blood test service "A new do-it-yourself blood screening kit could change the way Australians test for chronic diseases and conditions while making individuals more informed about their health from the comfort of their homes." Read the full article HERE