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Want an easy way to check your cholesterol from home?

About half of adult Australians have a total blood cholesterol reading higher than the recommended level. Find out yours.

Order a cholesterol blood test online, collect a fingerprick sample, and get fast access to your secure results.


Our at-home cholesterol blood test reports on total cholesterol and triglycerides from a simple fingerprick sample.

How our cholesterol blood test service works

1. Order your Cholesterol Blood Test Service and have a collection kit delivered to your door.

2. Complete a simple fingerprick blood spot sample collection using the kit provided.

3. Mail it back to our certified, Australian pathology lab (reply-paid envelope included).

4. Receive your results through our secure website within days.

If your results are outside the healthy range, this will be clearly marked on your test results and you’ll be advised to see your doctor.

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