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Clinical Information: Thyroid (TSH) Test Service

Our Thyroid test service is currently unavailable. We apologise for the inconvenience. If you’d like us to notify you when this service is available, please sign up here.

Thyroid (TSH) Test Service

MyHealthTest’s fingerprick blood test for Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) was developed to improve the access and convenience of blood testing.

This dried blood spot (DBS) test is an accurate and reliable tool for detecting and monitoring most hypothyroid disorders, and assessing the success of thyroid replacement therapy under medical supervision. Currently, this DBS test does not reliably detect hyperthyroidism.

The MyHealthTest Thyroid TSH Test was validated against Australian NATA and NPAAC guidelines to confirm that dried blood spot results obtained are comparable to serum samples collected by traditional venous venepuncture and analysed at an external NATA accredited pathology laboratory.

The TSH dried blood spot assay demonstrated a high goodness-of-fit and close correlation to serum samples.

Samples are stable for up to 12 days after collection and thermal stability testing confirmed that after holding dried blood spot samples at 46°C for two days there was no significant difference in the TSH values obtained.

Figure 1. TSH Bland Altman and Linear Regression analysis of serum vs DBS

Measurement Range:0.5 – 100 mIU/L
Limit of Quantitation0.5 mIU/L
Reference Interval: <3.5 mIU/L
Repeatability: <10% (values >1 mIU/L)
Reproducibility:6.2% at 4.3 mIU/L, 11.2% at 27.5 mIU/L
Stability: ≤12 days
Interferences: Heterophilic antibodies in the patient sample may occasionally interfere with the assay.

High or low haematocrit may affect the reported TSH values.