The MyHealthTest Dried Blood Spot Collection Kit makes it easy for you to collect a blood sample in the privacy and convenience of your own home.

Taking a MyHealthTest at-home dried blood spot test is different to taking a fingerprick test with your doctor or taking a daily blood glucose measurement. The drops of blood for this test need to be large (soaked through to the back of the card). For best results, carefully read the instructions provided inside the blood collection kit and follow them step-by-step.

Download the instructions for collecting a dried blood spot HERE

Tips for collecting the best sample

Good circulation

Before you start, warm up your hands. This will help to stimulate blood flow, making it easier for you to get the correct-size blood drop. You can warm up your hands by:

– Running your hands under warm water

– Doing some gentle exercise

– Rubbing your hands together

Use the lancet in the right spot

The best sample is often taken from the tip of the ring or middle finger (end of the finger in the centre). When you’re ready to take your sample, hold the lancet against the tip of your finger and gently push down until it activates.

Hand position

Once you’ve pricked your finger, hold your finger over the blood collection card in a vertical position, using your other hand as support. With your support hand, apply pressure to your finger tip and nail.

Allow a large drop of blood to form, enough to almost fall off the finger. You might need to be patient as sometimes it can take a while for a large blood drop to form. Then touch the blood drop to the card but do not touch the card with your finger.

If you’re having trouble with blood flow

Get your heart higher than your hands – stand up but leave the blood collection card on the table

Gently massage your finger while placing pressure on your fingernail. You might need to be patient as sometimes it can take a while for a large blood drop to form.

Don’t be afraid to use the second lancet on another finger. Often the blood flow will be a lot better from another site.

Watch the instructional video

If you want to see how to take a dried blood spot sample, watch the instructional video below:

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