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MyHealthTest & The GI Foundation* have joined forces with the mutual goal to reduce the incidence of type 2 diabetes in Australia. We believe that with the right tools healthy choices can become easy. That’s why we’re offering a $10 discount off the convenient at-home Diabetes HbA1c Test, so that you can make informed decisions about your health.

So what’s this at-home diabetes test? Is it accurate?

In this age of convenience, we wanted to offer an easy and accessible alternative to traditional blood tests. Together with the Australian National University we developed a Diabetes HbA1c Test Service that can be done from home. The test uses dried blood spot technology to accurately test HbA1c levels from a fingerprick sample. Our Australian laboratory is fully accredited and quality controlled, so rest assured your results will be as accurate and reliable as a traditional blood test.

ORDER MY TEST Australia only offer

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* The GI Foundation is the world’s leading authority on glycemic index and better carbs for good health. It translates the latest science into food and nutrition based advice with practical tools such as recipes, meal plans, tips as well as how to choose low GI foods by ‘making healthy choices easy choices’.