5 steps to a healthy lifestyle away from home

When the holiday season kicks in, it’s tempting to let your good exercise habits go by the wayside.

Without your local gym or usual walking route close by, it’s hard to know how to stay fit and healthy when you’re holidaying away from home.

Why not take advantage of the change of scenery to switch-up your workout routine? You know how much better you feel when you move every day – that little bit of me-time goes a long way to nourishing your mind and body.

In this article, we consider how you can have a healthy and active holiday, using travel exercise ideas and activities you can do anywhere, anytime.

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1. Make a conscious effort

Relax by the pool or head out for a run? While holidays are an important opportunity to restore and unwind, resist the urge to throw in the training towel completely.

By making a conscious effort to exercise when you’re away from your regular routine, you’ll feel in control of your health – and you’ll even beat the post-holiday blues!

And, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Maintaining a good routine is much easier than trying to regain it. Your holiday is not the time to derail your dedication to staying fit and healthy.

Being away from home is a great opportunity to consciously consider your own health goals, and be a good role model for your kids and other family members.

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2. Think outside the gym

Whether you’re holidaying at the beach, in the bush, or looking forward to a staycation, why not look for different ways to be active in the environment around you?

Switching up your fitness routine has positive impacts. Consider learning new skills or taking on different physical challenges. Get your daily dose of physical activity anywhere, anytime:  

  • Go for a walk or run. Immerse yourself in your surroundings with a run or walk. It is the perfect way to sightsee and keep active at the same time. For a fast and effective workout, consider incorporating stair climbing into your session.
  • Try resistance training. Maintain muscle strength – using your own bodyweight and accessible equipment – at the park or in your hotel room. Get started with a ‘deck or cards’ workout, which can be adapted wherever you are.
  • Master a new skill. From surfing and stand-up paddle boarding to cycling or mountain bike riding and frisbee, apply your mind and body to mastering something new. You never know, it could reactivate your childlike spirit!
  • Incorporate incidental exercise. Walk to the shops, take the stairs instead of the lift, body surf in the ocean, play a game of soccer instead of a board game with the kids – incorporate bite-size chunks of activity into your day.

There is no excuse not to be active – the question is, how will you fit it all in?

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think outside the gym

3. Explore fitness apps

Your self-motivation serves you well, most of the time. When you’re in holiday mode, a lack of motivation and exercise equipment can be barriers to being active.

That’s where fitness apps can help you.

  • Have a HIIT-out. Head to the local park for a high intensity interval training workout, using an interval timer. Program the timer to match your workout.
  • Yoga workouts. If you’d prefer to focus on strength and flexibility, download a yoga app – there are plenty of options for beginners to experienced yogis.
  • Map your run. Discover running routes near you, and get real-time data (if that’s your thing) to track your progress. Is there a parkrun you can participate in?
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4. Eat well, be well

Does the question, ‘what’s for dinner?’ fill you with dread? The good news is, going on holidays often provides a much-needed break from thinking of what to cook. If you tend to resort to takeaway, it’s preferable to make your order as healthy as possible.

Just remember, not all takeaway food is created equal but it’s probably easier than you think to make healthier choices.

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make healthy Christmas choices

5. Maintain a healthy brain

Did you know, even one exercise session is shown to have a positive and lasting impact on your mental health? Think of this when you’re weighing up whether to do a workout or scroll social media from your comfortable deck chair.

Research tells us our brains thrive on regular physical activity from childhood to old age, with exercise playing a key role in treating mood disorders, depression and anxiety.

With this in mind, holidays should be about family, having fun, enjoying well-deserved downtime, and making the effort to be healthy and active, too.

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