Make mealtimes easy and healthy with these takeaway food ideas

With our busy lives and love of convenience, it’s no wonder we increasingly turn to takeaway food for our next meal.

In fact, we get our food ‘to go’ about 2.5 times a week, according to market research.

But not all takeaway food is created equal.

While some foods will add a hefty amount of salt, sugar and fat to your daily intake, there are plenty of healthy takeaway options. It’s just a matter of knowing where to look and what to choose.

So when you have only a short lunch break or no time to cook when you get home, how do you pick a healthy takeaway meal?

In this article, we’ve outlined a few things to keep in mind to make sure your next takeaway order is as healthy as possible.

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1. Remember your ratios

There’s no need to skip the vegetables just because you’re eating out, especially as many Australians are already coming up short on veggies in their diet.  

According to Nutrition Australia, adults should have about five serves of vegetables and legumes each day. However, most of us only eat about half of this recommended amount.

So to make healthy takeaway choices, remember to base your meal on vegetables as much as possible.

This means things like salads, vegetable curries and stir-fries are good options. But go easy on the sauce, because it can often be high in sodium or fat.

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2. Avoid fried and battered foods

Deep-fried foods are high in fat and sodium, making them a less-than-healthy choice.

Writing in the Healthy Food Guide, dietitian Debbie Iles advises people to steer clear of things like onion rings and fries when ordering takeaway.

“Sadly, veggies and seafood lose their health benefits when they’re battered and deep-fried,” she says.

So opt for grilled seafood and fresh or steamed vegetables when you can.

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3. Find out what’s in your meal

One drawback of takeaway food is it’s difficult to know exactly what’s in your meal or how it was cooked.

If you have a regular or favourite takeaway restaurant, it’s a good idea to ask about the ingredients they use and their cooking methods so you can choose the healthiest options.

And many takeaway foods can be improved simply by skipping the sauces and added salt.

This means saying no to sauces on burgers and burritos and even skipping soy sauce with your sushi or stir-fry.

“When ordering Asian takeaway, opt for steamed rice over fried, fresh rice paper rolls, and sushi. And try to minimise the amount of stir-fry sauce with your meal.”

-Healthy Food Guide Dietitian Debbie Iles


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Choose your takeaway options wisely and check portion sizes

4. Control your portions

Portion size is a big issue when you’re eating out or ordering in.

In fact, recent research from the George Institute of Global Health and the Heart Foundation found the sizes of pizza, processed meats, cereal bars, ice cream and wine have increased by up to 66% since the 1990s.

So when you’re looking for healthy takeaway options, it’s also important to consider the size of the meal and whether it’s meant to be shared.

Getting the portion size right for you will leave you feeling satisfied and energised, rather than over-full and sluggish for the rest of the day.

Here are a few tips on getting your portion sizes right from the Healthy Weight Guide:


  • Start meals with salad, which fills you up so you eat less of the main course

  • Use smaller plates and bowls so you get used to serving and eating smaller meals

  • Eat more slowly

  • Put leftovers away (or freeze them) as soon as you finish eating so you’re not tempted to have more

  • Choose ‘small’ or ‘regular’ servings rather than large ones

  • Say no to ‘value meals’ and ‘upsizing’, which encourage you to take in extra kilojoules

  • Drink water with your meal

– Source: Australian Healthy Weight Guide


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Over to you. What’s your best tip for finding healthy takeaway food?


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