Dried blood spot testing

Blood tests play an important role in monitoring and managing our health. They can be used to screen for, diagnose, and manage a wide range of health conditions, including diabetes and thyroid health.

Not that long ago, the usual way to have a blood test was to visit a pathology centre where blood would be taken – by a needle put into a vein normally in your arm – and then sent off to the lab for analysis.

However, new developments in pathology testing means you can now take some common blood tests — like diabetes and thyroid tests — in the privacy and comfort of your own home, with just a few drops of blood from your fingertip.

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Are fingerprick blood tests accurate?

Scientific testing has validated the accuracy of this process – known as dried blood spot testing.

In fact, a scientific study found results from the MyHealthTest dried blood spot Diabetes HbA1c Test were comparable to the current gold-standard results obtained when whole blood samples were taken from the vein during a traditional blood test.

As one of the first companies in Australia to offer at-home blood tests, we take great care and responsibility in ensuring our pathology test services are conducted under the strictest conditions. Our pathology lab is accredited by the National Association for Testing Authorities, Australia (NATA), in conjunction with the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia (RCPA), which means you can have total peace of mind, knowing your blood test results are quality controlled.

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What happens to my sample?

So what happens to your sample when it leaves your front door?

Once you’ve taken your fingerprick test at home, put it in the reply-paid envelope along with your signed test request form, your blood test then makes its way back to us via Australia Post, where we process it for you.

Step 1— We collect your sample from the post office

The first thing our friendly customer service team do each morning is head to the post office to collect your sample. Once it’s collected, it’s then returned safely to our lab where it’s registered.

Collecting your sample from the post office

Step 2 — We register your sample at the lab
Once we’ve collected your sample, we head into the laboratory to register it in our system, so we can prepare to process it. Once your sample has been registered, we notify you that your sample has been received.

Step 3 — We send your sample to our lab team
After registration, your sample is sent to our lab team, where our lab technicians prepare it for testing. Here we are preparing the sample to be tested. Note the small amount of your blood that’s needed to provide you with accurate results. It’s quite a bit different to having blood drawn from your arm!

Your sample is received by our lab team

Step 4 — We test your sample and prepare your results
It’s at this stage that our highly trained lab team works their magic! This is when we test your sample and prepare your report. Throughout the entire testing process, your sample is tracked by a unique deidentified barcode to monitor its progress and to protect your privacy.

your sample is tested and your results on the way

Step 5 — We get ready to send you your results
We’re almost there!The pathology testing is complete and your results are just about ready to send to you. We oversee the final steps and make sure our friendly customer service team is notified that your results are available.

Your results are ready to be send to you

Step 6 — We let you know your results are ready
This is the final step! We are about to generate the emails and text message to let you know that your results are available in your secure results account. Your results are now just one click away.

Letting you know your results are ready

Our highly automated processes mean that it’s a seamless process from the time we receive your sample to the delivery of your result. Results are usually available within a few days of us receiving your blood test sample.

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What happens next?

You’ll access your blood test results via the MyHealthTest secure website. Your results are easy to understand and will include the normal range for all pathology results. Any readings outside of these ranges will be noted. Here’s a sample of a test result for diabetes.

Once you receive your results, you can share them with your family doctor if you wish.

We’re here to help

While MyHealthTest is an online fingerprick blood test service, we’re absolutely committed to helping Australians actively manage their health and wellbeing through our home health tests. If you have any questions about our tests or testing services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our friendly, dedicated team are ready to help.

Learn more about the MyHealthTest blood testing service.

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