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MyHealthTest is an Australian company helping you better manage your health with accurate, reliable and convenient at-home fingerprick blood tests.

What people are saying about MyHealthTest

  • "I am a pharmacist in a suburban community pharmacy in the ACT. I found the test very easy to use and can already see its application in helping people living with diabetes.

    I see your test as convenient as both a screening tool and for patients with diabetes who do not receive regular review by their GP (i.e. every 3 months as recommended for venous HbA1c monitoring) or who have less than ideally controlled diabetes as a handy, do-it-yourself monitoring measure."

    Kevin Mullins – Pharmacist ACT

  • "Up until now they have to draw blood from your arm, like you are giving blood or when you have any sort of blood test. MyHealthTest it comes to me, I do it, I put it in a envelope and I post it."

    Louise – Type 2 Diabetic ACT
  • "My biggest fear Is having the intravenous blood test and I absolutely hate that and I avoid it. A little bit of blood at the end of your finger is fine, rather than having a needle jabbed in your vein."

    Shauna – Type 1 Diabetic ACT
  • "We have had some interesting issues with younger people with diabetes and I think this is the sort of tool they are looking for. It is convenient, it is quick and they don’t have to break their daily routine to have the test done."

    Anna Pino – President of Diabetes ACT

  • "This is prime example of a great health innovation, both lowering the costs and making diagnostic more accessible to people. There is a whole range of tests which could be done in the same way."

    Marcus Dawe – Innovation Canberra
  • "I am extremely impressed by this health management service and I will be telling all my friends about it. My congratulations to everyone involved with this program and thanks ever so much."

    Oliver - ACT