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WorkWell Program

Employee Health Checks - Simply Administered, Confidential and Accurate

Here at MyHealthTest we know that the key to a successful business starts with healthy employees. Investing in the health of your employees can help to increase productivity, engagement and morale, while reducing the amount of illness and compensation claims. The MyHealthTest WorkWell Program is a unique non-disruptive workplace wellness program that gives your employees the power to take control of their health, so that your business can thrive.

Pick up test kit

at work
Collect a fingerprick

blood spot sample
Post sample, receive

results online

Easy fingerprick sampling health checks

Target chronic health conditions that impact employee welfare and productivity

All-inclusive internal promotion package

No disruption to the workplace

Confidential, discrete service

How it works

  1. A full promotional program is provided with the WorkWell program including posters, animations, videos and email campaign to raise awareness and encourage participation

  2. MyHealthTest sample collection kits are supplied to the workplace and distributed to employees or placed in common areas such as tea room or lunch room

  3. Employees collect their sample at a time and place that suits them, full instructions are provided and no special training is required

  4. Samples are returned in the reply-paid envelope via regular mail to the MyHealthTest laboratory for analysis

  5. Employees receive their individual results via a secure website where they can choose who to share them with

  6. Workplaces with more than 50 participating employees will receive de-identified collated results indicating the percentage of employees at risk

What our customers are saying about MyHealthTest

"My biggest fear is having the intravenous blood tests so I just avoided getting tested. But for me a little bit of blood out the end of my finger is fine rather than having a needle jabbed in my veins."

- Shauna

"This is a prime example of a great health innovation both lowering the costs and making diagnosis more accessible."

- Marcus

"I am extremely impressed by this health management service and I will be telling all my friends about it. My congratulations to everyone involved with this program and thanks ever so much."

- Oliver

To speak to one of our friendly advisors to see if MyHealthTest WorkWell is for your organisation, contact us or sign up below: